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#BeKind #BeSelfless #BeCarefulWhatYouSayToTheUniverse #againstWhining

Posted 16 hours ago

for those of you who know me…. October, Mary Poppins, heart magic, and death…. all go together and are my favorite. thank you October for arriving. you brought many secret presents from your year long journey. I embrace you and am happy to jump into your world…. for a short while. happy day all…. xoxo

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Posted 1 day ago

my back. cupping. let’s heal. let’s get better….

Posted 3 days ago

after my night in the ER it’s Edgar’s turn!!! #doctordoctorgivemethenewsigotabadcaseoflovinyou ps thank you all for the well wishes, I’m sick but everything will be a-ok

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4am fun. #sarcasm

Posted 6 days ago

bitches be like “I wanna be on your roadtrip!!!!”

Posted 1 week ago

hiking. with @nialovelis

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the dentist gave me flowers. I don’t know how to take this gesture. romance or sympathy? is my funeral next?? #weird #perplexed

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the angriest boy in the world. #ClawsInMyBack #MamaLove #HesOldButHesStillGotIt photo by @nialovelis