Posted 18 hours ago

sat on pins and fucking needles all night waiting for someone in Cardiff to upload at least a snippet of the @nodevotionband gig tonight….FINALLY! my heart is just full and I wish we were all there. but this (YouTube) will have to do. LOVE the music. LOVE the guys. so happy for them to be back on stage inspiring all of us again. awesome!

Posted 23 hours ago

dear @jimdizzy happy birthday!!!!! this is pretty much the only stance we ever see you in. thank god, you make us all look beautiful. this is @renalovelis pointing out that in your old age your butt is sagging. we all love you. have an amazing new year and may all your wishes come true! xoxo a #jimdzuira #happybirthday #saggypantsmeansagingbutt

Posted 2 days ago

please be kind and follow @nodevotionband download their tunes, spread the word. many happys will be had by yours truly. much love and thank you. xo (happys is spelled correctly if you are manic and bipolar ;)

Posted 3 days ago

ok this is @renalovelis at trader joes. #shopping #danceintheailes #traderjoes #renalovelis (at Trader Joe’s)

Posted 3 days ago

Sunday. bun head. xo

Posted 3 days ago

@renalovelis , busting balls. as usual. for those interested in Cherri Bomb trivia, this is the place where Cherri Bomb, the band, was named many eons ago. (at Pinz Bowling Center)

Posted 4 days ago

"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home." ~Twyla Tharp @renalovelis photo: @jeremydanger MU/H: @gimmeluludanger with @rickyshands

Posted 4 days ago

regram from @planetswan awesome quote. amazing sentiment. don’t fake it. live it. xoxo

Posted 4 days ago

money. terrified. with @nialovelis @renalovelis @mirandadianemiller @caseymoreta and the man in the chicken suit, @matdevineslife oh and Edgar too.

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08/16/14 PC : @jeremydanger MU&H : @gimmeluludanger