Posted 18 hours ago

I’ll just lay here in bliss until the heat passes…. xo

Posted 1 day ago

my little altar of love. witch statue. peacock feathers. candles. shiva dancing. Marie Laveau tiger protection statue. music box. hearts, oils and reminders to keep fluid and change. xo #bedside

Posted 1 day ago

what? you wanna know what I’m thinking right now? read the writing on the…. #rightnow #bepresent #loveandspacetravel

Posted 2 days ago

THEE Sarah Connor. hell yeah. #terminatortooplay #thedragonfly

Posted 3 days ago

my favorite oracle in times of need. #IChing #lovelyadvice #grateful

Posted 5 days ago

hashtag fucking boneheads. #fuckingboneheads

Posted 5 days ago

:) who say we ain’t slap happy???? xo

Posted 5 days ago

tonight “Trea-Zah” is showin us she only needs one big ball!!!! @nialovelis while @renalovelis and @caseymoreta photobomb but not on purpose.

Posted 5 days ago

happy birthday matt!!! check out those balls!!!! WHOO HOO!!!! #BestBusinessManagerEVER #bowlinglikeidiots

Posted 6 days ago

sat on pins and fucking needles all night waiting for someone in Cardiff to upload at least a snippet of the @nodevotionband gig tonight….FINALLY! my heart is just full and I wish we were all there. but this (YouTube) will have to do. LOVE the music. LOVE the guys. so happy for them to be back on stage inspiring all of us again. awesome!